Thursday, September 29, 2005

Free Movies Homepage

You can download all the latest release movies from the internet for free. I found a site called the Free Movies Homepage which had every movie you can imagine. Latest release movies, old movies, everything. What sets them apart is the support you get. I had tried for ages to do this, found software on the net that was supposed to do this, but I could never get it to work. I don’t know enough about firewalls and port forwarding and just ended up with a heap of spyware on my computer.

I joined the Free Movies Homepage and they helped me get rid of all the spyware that had infected my computer and helped me get my firewall to work properly. The small membership fee was well worth it. I got problems on my computer fixed, spyware removed, and I get all the free movies I want now. Even if I didn’t want the movies, the membership fee was worth it just to get my computer running better :). The best support I’ve ever had from anywhere. Worth joining even if it’s just to get your computer fixed.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

All About Free Movie Downloads

I found this page and found it quite interesting.

What the article says is true. You can download just about any movie on the net, learning how to though, takes a lot of effort.

Why PICgrabber software doesn't work.

Because it only searches using the hypertext transport protocol (http). There are hundreds of protocols used on the net of which this is one. Others you may be familiar with are the file transport protocol (ftp), the simple mail transport protocol (smtp) or the post office protocol version 3 (pop3).

The problem is, movie files are never made available via http, only web pages, and pictures are, that is what http is for. Movie files were once stored on ftp servers, and some can still be found via the ftp protocol, but most have migrated to much more modern protocols such as bittorrent or ed2k.

To access a server using a particular protocol, you need a 'Client' program for the protocol. Internet Explorer and Firefox are examples of http client programs. The also both work with the ftp protocol as well. Outlook Express is an example of a POP3 client. It can also function as an imap client. I'll leave it to you to look up the imap protocol.

So, you will need to know which client to use with which server when you want to download a movie file. It can be very confusing and almost impossible to sort out if you are new to this.

The best suggestion is to go to somewhere like the Free Movies Homepage. They have all the clients and other tools you will need to access the different typs of servers that movie files are stored on.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Free Movies - Getting them to play on your DVD player

Your downloaded movie can be in one of many different types of format. Some examples are DivX, Xvid, mpeg, svcd, VOB.

Formats like DivX and Xvid are designed to compress a DVD movie into a much smaller file (about one sixth the size) for easier downloading, but they are only for viewing on a PC.

You will need to either connect your PC to your television to watch the movie, Well, you will need to convert the file into a format that can be played on a standard DVD player.

You can convert the file to DVD format. Can take quite a long time, but will obviously work on all DVD players.

You can convert the file to VCD format. Very quick and easy to do if you have the right software. All most all DVD players will also play a VCD.

There is a better quality format for VCD call SVCD. Unfortunatly, support for this format is nowhere near as popular with DVD players. About 1 in 3 players will play SVCD's.

I have seen (and purchased) a DVD player that played all of the above, as well as Divx files as well.

You can get the software and tools you need to convert and burn your downloaded file from places like the Free Movies Homepage.

So say's Gadoonga.